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Want to reach more people at low operational cost, communicate effectively with customers for announcements, promotions ,offer. NameSpark has Bulk SMS solution for you!

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NameSpark Bulk SMS provides

  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Programmable APIs and Developer Plugins
  • 100% SMS delivery
  • Two Way Communication
  • Scheduling SMS feature
  • Low price per SMS
  • Scalable upto 5 Lakh SMS per instance
  • Free Delivery report
  • CSV/Excel Upload Support
  • 24/7 support
SMS CreditsPrice in INR
Upto 1000 SMSRs.0.29/SMS
1001 to 1000 SMSRs 0.28/ SMS
10001 to 100000 SMSRs 0.27/ SMS
For demand 1,00,000+ SMS, connect with our SMS for best price.

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